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Welcome to QLD Off Road

  QLD Off Road Adventures is about enjoying our country with respect and dignity to people, the land and the environment. 

QLD Off Road Adventures believes that outback adventures or remote travel destinations are about more than just racing from destination to destination. It is an outback adventure track of discovery that every person should have the right to experience.

QLD Off Road Adventures would like to assist people in realising their dream of seeing Australia by connecting them with the right advice, tools, information and people.

So have a look and see if we can help. There's much to see here. So, take your time, look around, and learn all there is to know about us. We hope you enjoy our site and take a moment to drop us a line.

QLD Off Road Adventures



Articles, stories, advise, information and much more about adventures we or you have undertaken.  

Adventure Vehicle Builds


Articles, advise, information and details accounts of our or your off road adventure vehicle builds. 

Adventure Photography


Great photos of our and your adventures.

Qld Off Road Adventures Blog


Articles about what we do, who we are, what we have to say and even your stories and thoughts.

Upcoming Events


Whats happening

Product Reviews


We will review products and provide an honest unbiased opinion about the product. We will never ask for money, we will never compare to another product. we will just simply tell you what we thought and why.  

We Use & Recommend



QLD Off Road Adventures would like to advise that although we support all of these and many more 4WD suppliers and specialists we are in no way affiliated or sponsored by any of these companies. QLD Off Road Adventures will from time to time change the businesses here shown to let our followers know who we use and trust.

If any company or organisation ever sponsors any part or production of QLD Off Road Adventures we will inform our followers.